Sustainable communities are the solution of the future with InstaBuilt

There is an old saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln, one of the most popular presidents in US history, that: “The best way to predict the future is to create it!”  And this is precisely the goal of our team at InstaBuilt. To create the future on the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence.

We are part of the Innovation Center and through the InstaBuilt Co-FUTURE Platform, we are enabling architects, contractors, real estate agencies, and development actors to redesign the future through interaction, co-construction, and co-development while focusing on three main objectives: to deliver on and make a reality living, working and learning in quality environments and sustainable communities in the future. Through co-founding InstaBuilt Co-FUTURE has opened its doors for cooperation – inviting architects, engineers, and also other parties interested in certification, production, and assembly an opportunity to join partnerships.

With Co-Future InstaBuilt aims to pursue successful projects together with lead architects that deliver on important portfolios and are presenting and building their designs in Europe, Scandinavia, and the United States with the aim of building healthy and eco-friendly sustainable communities around the world. Through co-construction, InstaBuilt aims to enable partners to utilize our “Alphabet” platform which includes the manual for building the houses and add-ons, the guidelines and protocols for the transportation procedures of modular homes, VAT and customs taxes, guidelines on laying the foundations, landscaping and the procedures for obtaining the relevant permits from local authorities. InstaBuilt enables prospective clients to do all these procedures through the easily accessible platform in InstaBuilt 1,2,3 and so much more. Meanwhile, the Innovative Center will work to ensure that the future of learning is brighter by bringing all relevant educational, professional, and certification institutions closer together. In its pursuit of co-development InstaBuilt’s will work with real estate agencies and developers, through the Co-Creation Project where prospective partners provide the land and obtain relevant building permits and InstaBuilt does all the rest.

Looking for landowners

This offers a unique opportunity for landowners to become partners through the Co-Creation Project, where each landowner will be given a free model unit to erect on their property if they enter into an agreement project with InstaBuilt. With this opportunity, landowners can benefit from a long-term investment without any large investment of their own. InstaBuilt builds modular, prefabricated, high-quality homes that are easily transported and assembled anywhere. InstaBuilt’s goal is to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions for individuals and families. These houses are highly energy efficient and are produced with eco-friendly and certified materials. The cost-efficient advantages in energy saving and construction as well as the visible reduction of environmental impact during the construction process make the InstaBuilt models most affordable. Through the co-creation process, InstaBuilt offers several types of modular homes designed to provide comfort and healthier living.

23 years with BP Home

To enter partnership agreements with InstaBuilt, landowners must meet certain requirements and obtain the necessary permits before we can proceed to place a model unit on the assigned land. They should also send more information about their land, location, size of land, land category, and other relevant information. 

One of InstaBuilt’s basic requirements is that partners who enter into an agreement have ample land to fit a minimum of 5 Aster Domo houses and a maximum of 50. It is also the responsibility of the landowners to obtain all relevant permits from the local authorities before an agreement is reached between them and the company to place a model unit on their property. This is an important step as it proves that all safety provisions have been attended to and the installation process of the units can proceed. A typical solution like AsterDomo can be delivered within 90 days while the assembly process takes only 3 hours – which is the fastest delivery method in the EU market.

For 23 years, BP HOME has built neighborhoods and local communities, and now with InstaBuilt, in the coming years and decades, it aims to build communities and neighborhoods in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. These neighborhoods will be eco-friendly spaces and offer an abundance of bio environments and green spaces. In pursuing this goal InstaBuilt also aims to create the “future of work” where professional careers evolve around the wood construction industry. This center will create industry-wide efforts with local suppliers, also connecting global partners, real estate developers, and the diaspora, to jointly build and develop a more meaningful future for a better life in a more nature-friendly environment.

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