Building Home in Just 3 Days

Imagine having a house built in just three days, with zero damage to the environment, and a sleek, modern design that takes advantage of the latest in eco-friendly construction techniques.

With the new and innovative technology of construction, we are able to assemble a modular home in just three days. This remarkable achievement has been made possible by a combination of Instabuilt digital technology, a qualified team, and a highly organized construction process monitored directly from the central offices.

The process during the assembly of the house in France is monitored carefully and in real-time by the Technical Director – Shpëtim Pllana, who supervises the work remotely using advanced technology. This project that we assembled is a house of 2 stories with 265 m2 which is easily transported with 3 trucks and leaves zero damage to the environment. The method of direct supervision from the central offices at the assembly site allows for closely observing the progress of the construction and interventions in real-time, ensuring that the assembly is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the most impressive things about this project was the speed with which it was completed. Our idea with which we actually design and build modular houses consists of our so-called ASMEPPLUTA philosophy, which shows that we must analyze both during the design phase and during the production phase. At all the stages at a certain moment, we can intervene to avoid possible mistakes and to carry out correctly all the processes during the design.

Another benefit of the modular design was that it allowed for the home to be easily expanded or modified in the future. This means that homeowners can adapt to their changing needs and continue to enjoy the benefits of their eco-friendly homes for years to come.

In conclusion, this project was a great success and a testament to the potential of modular, zero-energy construction. For us, it was an incredible experience to see this eco-friendly dream come to life in just three days.

Instabuilt will develop other various projects in Germany, Switzerland, France, and Austria, and invite you to see all these processes in the future.

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