Bathroom Pods

Efficiency meets style

Bathroom Pods

Efficiency meets style

Efficient Bathroom Pods

InstaBuilt bathroom pods are one of the most cost-efficient ways to speed up any real estate project. In retail and commercial space, they can be delivered anywhere and just plugged into the construction unit with their self-supporting sanitary system. All of them can be constructed in different ways - with CLT, Timber, Hybrid, or Steel frame.   All of them in different sizes or based on any project configuration.  

Timber Bathpod

Our Timber Bathroom pods are modular bathpods that are industrially prefabricated and designed with high-quality materials. The Timber Bathpods are available in three different sizes - S, M, and L - to fit your specific requirements.

CLT Bathpod

These bathroom pods are built with cross-laminated timber (CLT) which is known for its durability, strength, and sustainability. CLT bathpods offer a cleaner and safer work environment and are available in three different sizes - S, M, and L.

Steel Bathpod

By choosing the Steel Bathpod, you can reduce labor, materials, waste, costs, and ensure high-quality in the planning and construction process. The Steel Bathpod are available in three different sizes - S, M, and L, durable and long-lasting bathroom solution

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Welcome to the future of bathroom installations with InstaBuilt. Our cutting-edge bathroom pods offer a swift and seamless solution to upgrade any space with a brand new bathroom. With a self-supporting sanitary system and versatile construction options, our pods can be tailored to suit your project's unique requirements.