Who we are?

Instabuilt was founded upon a grand purpose – address the global housing challenge while at the same time reversing global warming. We believe that this is possible by utilizing offsite construction and the way of building efficiently and sustainably. Our responsibility for the environment is of priority, and this is one of the core parts of our vision as one family, one company, and one planet.

The leading founder of InstaBuilt Mr.Mentor Pllana joined forces with his most credible partner in the United States, Mr. Tom Meredith to create and implement this vision of building sustainable communities worldwide.

Mr. Pllana has been leading BP Home Investment as a family business since 1999 with a focus on real estate and construction. Being a driver of innovative adoptions in building technologies in this industry, during the last 22 years, he grew his business group exponentially and built multiple successful real estate projects.

Mr.Meredith is a Partner in Brightstar Capital Partners, and he is also CEO of MFI Capital, the Meredith family’s private investment arm. Tom’s career spans over 40 years and includes extensive experience in corporate finance, manufacturing, finance operations, and global financial markets. He served as Dell’s CFO, and prior to joining Dell, he held executive roles at Sun Microsystems and Amdahl Capital. He also served as CFO of Motorola.

Our factories

We have two factories the InstaBuilt Europe and InstaBuilt North America. The InstaBuilt Europe factory is one of the largest single-floor factories dedicated to modular construction in South East Europe with the capacity to produce and export from 1,200 up to 4,000 units per year. Instabuilt Europe lays down into a land of 140.000m² sizes with two separate production lines and additional office space of 5700m² that fits workspace, facilities, innovation center, showroom, and other administration needs. We are set to create a positive impact on manufacturing efficiency by setting new trends in the industry through innovation and integration with robotics, AI, advanced technology, and standardized product lines.


Our Solutions

From small to large projects our goal is to improve the quality of living by creating well-designed spaces that create a connection and interaction with nature and humans. Instabuilt has four flagship products. First, the high-end luxury solution Stella Domo with a state-of-the-art design and comfort that only those who experience can really talk about it. Second, the Aster Domo, one of the most energy-efficient multi-functional spaces that can be built as one unit, with two cubes, and installed on-site within 3 hours. Third, the American Home was built for a typical American living experience. Finally, Fourth, Tiny Home with a minimalistic design and eco materials, that offers you high energy efficiency and can be easily transported everywhere.

In the Future of Living, we build modular and live modular.