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Who we are?

Bp Home Investment is a well-known company that has earned the reputation of being a quality driven company and has always offered to each client the individual attention necessary to surpass their expectations.

Since 1999 and with a long experience in the market, we have always been pioneers for new trends and have adopted new technologies, products, and processes, and after each project, we have continued to change and progress even more in order to consolidate our resources and bring even more innovation.

Our vision for the future is to make it easier to live, own, and invest in real estate. Future neighborhoods will be sustainable homes that utilize solar, wind, thermal, and hydropower. Digital homes will produce and distribute energy, while people can relocate very easily, and the InstaBuilt modular factory together with digital platform Fingermarket.com will build, sell and rent real-estate worldwide to enable people to use, share and invest in real estate.

To see our 20 years of experience and our exponential growth please visit: www.bphomeinvestment.com


Our factory

Our Factory InstaBuilt is the largest single-floor factory dedicated to modular construction. As we continued to change and improve further we brought a global innovation in our country with a single purpose in mind: to serve the world. InstaBuilt was one of the fastest factories ever built – from scratch up to a fully functional facility only within a year – and now we have the capacity to produce and export from 1,200 up to 4,000 units per year. In fact, we produce much faster, cheaper, and more sustainable wood-built homes and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

In other words, Instabuilt lays down into a land of 140.000m² size with two separate production sites, and an additional office space of 5.700m² that fits workspace, facilities, innovation center, showroom, and other administration needs. All this to represent the future of off-site construction by bringing together quality, speed, and competitive pricing.

Joining our many years of experience with the latest technology we are responding to the global demand for housing to build neighborhoods of the future. Our management and operations are among the best and through an engineered process, we move your request to finish through design, fabrication, transport, and assembly.

We are set to create a positive impact in society by setting new trends in the industry through innovation, driving us to think and work towards robotics, AI, automated machinery, advanced technology, efficiency, and standardized product lines which will reduce costs and maintain quality for global demand. From small to large projects, our goal is to increase the function of your home, making it a beautiful well-designed space, and to build communities worldwide so that human connection and interaction create a better quality of life for you.

We build MODULAR



CEO message

As a group, our company’s mission is to transition the real estate industry into a better future where the synergy of construction, energy, and technology work together for the benefit of society, so that people can invest, build and buy their homes from any place.

We are progressing ahead toward this goal with our solutions – we have the “hardware”, the software, and the service for the real estate industry.

The hardware is our InstaBuilt off-site construction factory and it is one of the largest factories for this purpose. In addition, as software and service we utilize the best technology and processes in order to deliver what is most precious for people – their homes. Most of the people now want to live on-the-go, and we want to enable this for them worldwide. We want to reach this ambition by working with the best architects, engineers, partners, developers, and other investors who share the same dream. Also, we are eager to address the global warming through self-sustainable housing and timber-frame off-site construction, thus we employ wood and with standardized processes, precision technology, and robotics these materials become modular, panelized, floating homes – Flying Homes.

So, I welcome you to our journey.
Let’s build and work together.
Let’s build FLYING HOMES.



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