Who we are?

Instabuilt was founded upon a grand purpose – address the global housing challenge while at the same time reversing global warming. We believe that this is possible by utilizing offsite construction and the way of building efficiently and sustainably. Our responsibility for the environment is of priority, and this is one of the core parts of our vision as one family, one company, and one planet.

The leading founder of InstaBuilt Mr.Mentor Pllana joined forces with his most credible partner in the United States, Mr. Tom Meredith to create and implement this vision of building sustainable communities worldwide.

Mr. Pllana has been leading BP Home Investment as a family business since 1999 with a focus on real estate and construction. Being a driver of innovative adoptions in building technologies in this industry, during the last 22 years, he grew his business group exponentially and built multiple successful real estate projects.

Mr.Meredith is a Partner in Brightstar Capital Partners, and he is also CEO of MFI Capital, the Meredith family’s private investment arm. Tom’s career spans over 40 years and includes extensive experience in corporate finance, manufacturing, finance operations, and global financial markets. He served as Dell’s CFO, and prior to joining Dell, he held executive roles at Sun Microsystems and Amdahl Capital. He also served as CFO of Motorola.

Our factories

We have two factories the InstaBuilt Europe and InstaBuilt North America. The InstaBuilt Europe factory is one of the largest single-floor factories dedicated to modular construction in South East Europe with the capacity to produce and export from 1,200 up to 4,000 units per year. Instabuilt Europe lays down into a land of 140.000m² sizes with two separate production lines and additional office space of 5700m² that fits workspace, facilities, innovation center, showroom, and other administration needs. We are set to create a positive impact on manufacturing efficiency by setting new trends in the industry through innovation and integration with robotics, AI, advanced technology, and standardized product lines.


Meet our CEO Mentor Pllana

By watching the video below, you can learn more about:

  • Instabuilt Co-Future platform!
  • How Instabuilt is changing the construction industry?
  • Why Instabuilt?
  • Why wood?
  • What is Instabuilt Innovation Center?



We are reaching Humanity and Planetary Boundaries.

We are falling short, and we are over shooting, both at the same time? Shortfall on Social foundation as food, water, energy, housing, education, and overshoot on Ecological ceiling as climate change, air pollution, bio-diversity loss, land conversion, and ocean acidification. On the other front rise of tech platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, where data has become an unsecure and untrusted commodity.

What is Elephant in the room?

Today 50% of population lives in cities and by 2040, 75% of population globally will live in cities.

In next 20 years, 3 billion people will be added to this planet, and that means 40 % more housing globally. Today as we are speaking 1 billion people lives in slum, while 100 million people are homeless. Global data on CO2 emissions shows that – 47% of CO2 comes from construction, 33% transportation and 19 % Industry. So, Housing Globally and Climate change, is the Elephant in the room. How to solve it? We have inherited degenerative economic system: take, make, use and lose. This is the wrong way to go. We need to move to regenerative economic system: take, make, use, and reuse.We at InstaBuilt believes the wood is the future – the only renewable building material.

Why Wood?

Imagine, the tree is grown by the power of the sun. When the tree grows in the forest breaths out oxygen and breaths in carbon dioxide. If it dies in forest floor or if it burns in a forest fire, it gives back carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but if we take that wood and we put it into a building, it has an amazing capacity to store carbon and provide us with sequestration.

So, Solution to climate change is how to reduce the emission and find the storage. Wood is the only building material that does both, reduce the emission, and do the storage, as one cubic meter of wood (1m3) will store one tone of carbon dioxide. Compared to concrete and steel, only these two build materials alone emit 8 – % of the entire global carbon emission to the atmosphere.

 We live in a borderless world!

“Change is the only constant in life” Hera-clitus, the Greek philosopher, 500 years B.C

On last century we had centralized technologies, concentrated wealth, concentrated knowledge, and power in few hands. While in this century, we can design our technologies and institutions to distribute wealth, distribute knowledge and empower many.

When you look back at every society, their economic platforms always contained three elements, a form of communication, a form of energy and a form of mobility. What’s going on now, is that, traditional internet is converging with energy internet and transportation internet.  As these three internets come together, they are creating a single operating platform. And it’s called “The internet of things” or “Super Internet” that leads to big data, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning.

Let’s live, work and play in a borderless world, where technology and ultra-high-speed networks will empower society seamlessly, supporting every part of our lives, where using AI and digital twins will help us to model and plan a predictive future.

Why InstaBuilt?

InstaBuilt Purpose is to change the construction industry from on-site to off-site construction.

From carbon-based construction to eco, bio, green and renewable building materials production. So, InstaBuilt is off-site construction technology driven company and InstaBuilt Vision is, Instantly Built or better said, InstaBuilt anywhere and anytime.

InstaBuilt key value propositions are, as Tom Meredith, our partner and dear friend from Texas, defined them: Great Design, Sustainability, Affordability, Quality, Manufacturability, logistics and distribution, assembly, and serviceability.

 What is InstaBuilt Innovation Center?

InstaBuilt Innovation Center is about connecting people, technology, and ideas. Here, we are innovating to bring real changes to communities, quality of life is at the center!

InstaBuilt Innovation center is based on, Future of the Living, Future of Education and Future of Work.

Future of the Living is about Sustainability, energy efficiency and affordability.
Future of Education is about connectivity, parametric architecture, AI design, training, and certification.
Future of Work is about off-site construction methods, machines, materials, and manpower or 4M strategy. We can buy advanced Machines and fail by feeding it with wrong Materials.We can develop a new Method but never achieve success because our Machines and our Manpower cannot get a product out the door – which happened to many.

How InstaBuilt is changing the construction industry?

What apple did with IOS for their hardware as primary operative system, we at InstaBuilt designed IB 1-2-3 for our Houses as primary construction system.

At InstaBuilt Innovation center, we are thrilled to launch Aster Domo Flexy, and Aster Domo Fly. 98% finished in factory and ready to live in within hours, anywhere and anytime.

To build a 4 Bedroom home on traditional way, it takes 6 months to 9 months.

Imagine with Instabuilt, a 4 Bedroom home is ready within 9 hours.  So, we compressed 9 months to 9 hours. Instabuilt construction system 1, 2, 3, is volumetric, standard way of transportation and assembled within hours anywhere and anytime globally.


The best way to predict the future is to create it, Abraham Lincoln.

We at InstaBuilt, designed the Co-future platform to enable you architects, General Contractors, Real estate agencies and Real Estate developers to rethink and re-imagine the Future of the Living. Co-Future is about Co-creation, Co-Building and Co-development.

First step, Co-Creation

Co-Creation – is about Design, engineering, certification, manufacturing and assembling.

What apple did for apps with app store, we at InstaBuilt are doing with Instabuilt store for you architects and designers. We are empowering successful projects and successful architects, by presenting and building their design in multiple locations such as Europe, Scandinavia and USA.

Second step, Co-Building,

Co-Building is operation alphabet: ABCDEFLP. Alphabet is the manual for homes, assembling, add-ons, transport, VAT and customs, foundation, landscaping, and permitting.

Through operation platform, we share expertise, train, and certify General Contractors for our construction system and much more.

Third step, Co-Development

Co-Developement is about real estate agencies and real estate developers. Partners bring the land and permit, and we bring the rest. In last 23 years, with BP home we have built neighborhoods and communities locally, so in next 23 years with InstaBuilt we are going to build communities in Europe, Scandinavia and USA. Communities and neighborhoods are green, eco, connected and sharing.