Landowner can become developers overnight with InstaBuilt

InstaBuilt for the first time is offering this opportunity for landowners to become partners through the Co-Creation Project, where each landowner can get a free demo unit for their property if they build their project with InstaBuilt. With this opportunity, landowners can benefit from a long-term investment without having to make any large upfront investments.

InstaBuilt’s goal is to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions for individuals and families. They build modular homes, which are factory-built with the highest quality control, and can be easily transported and assembled on-site. A typical AsterDomo solution can be delivered within 90 days while the assembly process takes only 3 hours – which is the fastest delivery on the EU market. This solution is energy-efficient and uses eco and certified materials that are great for those that want to get loans from banks or subsidies from governments. These homes offer many advantages such as increased energy efficiency, shorter building times, and low environmental impact due to reduced wastage during construction. At Co-creation InstaBuilt offers several types of modular homes that have been designed with comfort in mind.

In order to become a partner with Instabuilt landowners must meet certain requirements and obtain the necessary permissions to place demo units on their property. They need to send more information about their land, such as the location, size, zoning, and any other information that might be pertinent. The requirement is that all partners should have at least land for a minimum of 5 Aster Domo houses available for development and any additional space of up to 50 units can be suitable also. Landowners are also responsible for obtaining all relevant local authority permits prior to placing the demo units on the property. This is an important step in ensuring a smooth installation process as it ensures that all safety guidelines are followed correctly. With this unique opportunity, Instabuilt invites you to join them in making a difference by becoming part of their growing community of partners!

Apply here if you have a land with permit:

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