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Our Factory

InstaBuilt is the largest single-floor factory dedicated to modular construction. As we continued to change and improve further we brought a global innovation in our country with a single purpose in mind: to serve the world. InstaBuilt was one of the fastest factories ever built – from scratch up to a fully functional facility only within a year – and now we have the capacity to produce and export from 1,200 up to 4,000 units per year.

Our production elements

Instabuilt has a large range of construction elements that are suited for a variety of projects. From very basic elements, up to premium and passive ones we can build anything you can dream.

Our solutions

Combining quality, sustainability, and efficiency, each one of our panel and modular-based building systems provides a flexible solution to any public or private sector construction project.


1. Design

Design is probably the most important step in our process, and therefore we take it very seriously - our top architects and engineers go the extra mile to consider all elements and perspectives for your project.

2. Fabricate

This is what we are the best at. Highly skilled operators with engineering skills, and advanced fabrication software, the quality assurance in mind and precision machinery we go step by step to fabricate your dream.

3. Transport

The transportation is arranged and delivered through our team and our strategic partners, using the road, water- ship, or rail transportation.

4. Assembly

The process of assembling consists of joining each panel or module together to further attach them to a permanent basement foundation so it can be ready for finishing. When the modules arrive at the construction site, the time for you to see your new home built is a matter of a week, a day, or even hours.



total plot size


innovation center


production line

1200 - 4000

units per year