Instabuilt has a large range of construction elements that are suited for a variety of projects. From very basic elements, up to premium and passive ones we can build anything you can dream. With internationally recognized certificates of performance – CE / ETA – and many well-known materials and brands we bring you a piece of work that only the finest engineers can bring it to life. All designs are constructed in our factory and managed by our very professional architects, engineers, production managers, and operators.

Glue Laminated Timber

Timber Facade Board

Gypsum Plasterboard

Gypsum Plasterboard

Mineral Stone Wool

Waterproof Membrane

Timber battens

Wood fibre insulation

Plaster (with reinforcment)

Final plaster

Oriented Strand Board - OSB

Cross Laminated Timber

Expanded Polysterene

Roofing Membrane

Wood insulation board

Vapour permeable membrane

Vapour Barrier

Gypsum Board