Sustainability and Digital Transformations at the Heart of InstaBuilt 5P Business Strategy 

For the construction industry to become truly sustainable, it will have to undergo a profound transformation, and all the players in the value chain must also embrace change. Our long-term ambition is to maximize recycled products and embrace bio-sourced materials that should be used whenever possible as sustainable renewable resources. To deliver transformation and achieve carbon reduction targets, the overall construction industry must change product formulations to incorporate low-carbon impact raw materials. For InstaBuilt, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a long-term commitment. It is a central part of our 5P business strategy, which permeates all our activities. 


People: Driven by a common goal, guided by visionary leadership, and immersed in an organizational culture that values innovation and efficiency. 

InstaBuilt's vision transcends traditional construction practices. With a commitment to eco-bio-green principles, the company envisions a future where buildings serve their purpose and contribute to a healthier planet. InstaBuilt's vision is rooted in a profound understanding of our world's environmental challenges and the pivotal role construction plays in shaping a sustainable future. InstaBuilt aims to lead the industry toward more responsible and environmentally friendly practices by prioritizing sustainability in its vision. The company recognizes the need to reduce carbon footprints and embraces offsite modular construction to minimize waste, energy consumption, and overall environmental impact. 

Guiding the way toward sustainable solutions, the leadership at InstaBuilt embodies a forward-thinking approach to construction. With a team of industry experts who understand the importance of connecting innovation with sustainability, InstaBuilt's leaders drive the company toward new horizons. Their expertise lies in construction methodologies and leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce ecological impact. InstaBuilt's leadership fosters a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging the exploration of groundbreaking technologies that revolutionize the construction industry. By embracing digital transformation, the company streamlines processes, minimizes resource usage, and ensures that each project aligns with the highest standards of sustainability. 

The culture at InstaBuilt is the backbone of its commitment to sustainability, where corporate culture emphasizes environmental responsibility, encouraging employees to think beyond traditional construction norms and systematically seek innovative, eco-friendly solutions. The company actively promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing, fostering an environment where employees innovate sustainable practices.  


Process: The beauty of the way we build lies in its ability to reduce time and cost drastically 

InstaBuilt redefines the physical structures of buildings and transforms the processes that bring these structures to life. The beauty of the way InstaBuilt builds lies in its ability to drastically reduce time and cost, setting new standards for eco-bio-green construction practices. By practicing offsite modular construction methodologies, the company minimizes construction waste and significantly reduces its carbon footprint. This approach allows for precise planning and optimization of materials, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively. 

According to the CTO of InstaBuilt, Shpëtim Pllana, the construction processes in InstaBuilt prioritize materials with low environmental impact, promoting a balance between functionality and ecological responsibility. This aligns with the company's eco-bio-green vision and sets a benchmark for sustainable construction practices within the industry. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the company streamlines various stages of construction, from planning and design to execution and monitoring. Digital tools and platforms (such as Procore) enable real-time collaboration, allowing teams to work seamlessly and efficiently, regardless of geographical constraints. The beauty of InstaBuilt's construction processes lies in their ability to achieve remarkable efficiency without compromising on quality. The offsite modular construction approach allows for simultaneous work on different building components, significantly reducing the time required for project completion. InstaBuilt's embrace of innovative technologies optimizes resource allocation, enhances project predictability, and reduces the likelihood of costly errors, ultimately delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising sustainability. 


Product: The way we design our products is revolutionizing the way we build and fit the market needs. 

InstaBuilt's approach to product design goes beyond aesthetics. It is a commitment to creating structures that resonate with eco-bio-green principles. For instance, the Aster Domo, an eco-bio-green house, is a testament to the company's dedication to sustainable living. The design process prioritizes materials with minimal environmental impact, ensuring that the final product aligns with the highest standards of eco-consciousness. The modular nature of the Aster Domo allows for a streamlined construction process, significantly reducing waste and optimizing the use of resources. This commitment to sustainability extends to energy efficiency, with innovative design elements that harness natural light and ventilation, minimizing the need for artificial lighting and climate control.  

Digital tools also facilitate real-time collaboration among design and construction teams, irrespective of geographical location. This enhances efficiency and ensures that the vision for the Aster Domo is seamlessly translated from design to reality. Integrating digital technologies in the product design phase accelerates the construction process and contributes to the overall sustainability of each Aster Domo unit. 

As sustainable living becomes increasingly essential, the eco-bio-green house responds to the growing demand for residences that prioritize environmental responsibility and modern comfort. The modular design allows for customization, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles while focusing on sustainability. 


Project: Reliable project timelines and cost-effectiveness through the meticulous integration of precision and rigorous project management practices. 

This dedication to reliable project timelines and cost-effectiveness is exemplified by the precision and rigor employed in every project, supported by tools such as Procore and MS Project. Procore, a cutting-edge construction project management tool, is instrumental in achieving this precision. It allows for real-time collaboration among project teams, subcontractors, and stakeholders. By centralizing project information, Procore enhances communication, streamlines workflows, and ensures that everyone involved is aligned with the project's sustainable goals. 

Integrating MS Project, a powerful project management software, enhances the company's ability to meticulously plan and monitor each project phase. This digital tool aids in resource allocation, task scheduling, and risk management, contributing to project timelines' overall efficiency and reliability. 

The company's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the careful selection of materials, waste reduction strategies, and adherence to eco-friendly construction methodologies. By leveraging digital tools in conjunction with rigorous management practices, InstaBuilt ensures that sustainability is not an afterthought but an integral part of the entire project lifecycle. 

The synergy between sustainability and digital transformation is evident throughout InstaBuilt's projects. By embracing digital tools like Procore and MS Project, the company enhances communication and collaboration and achieves unparalleled efficiency. Digital transformation allows for optimizing resources and minimizing the environmental impact of construction activities. Real-time data these tools provide empowers project managers to make informed decisions, identify potential issues before they escalate, and promptly implement corrective measures. This level of precision and efficiency ensures that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with a minimal ecological footprint. 


Profit: Aligned with purpose by focusing on sustainability and ESG principles. Balancing between financial success and CSR. 

In the dynamic world of construction, InstaBuilt has not only revolutionized the way buildings are constructed but has also redefined the very notion of profit. According to the CFO, Ibrahim Ibrahimi, at the heart of this success story lies a commitment to sustainability and digital transformation integrated into the company's ethos. InstaBuilt proves that financial success and corporate social responsibility (CSR) coexist harmoniously through its dedication to eco-bio-green principles. The company recognizes that sustainable practices reduce environmental impact and resonate positively with an increasingly conscious consumer base. This alignment with purpose ensures that every financial milestone achieved by InstaBuilt is accompanied by a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future. 

Also, advanced technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring accountability in every aspect of the business. Digital platforms allow InstaBuilt to monitor and assess its eco-bio-green initiatives with precision. This enhances transparency and facilitates data-driven decision-making, enabling the company to continuously improve its sustainability practices. The integration of digital technologies optimizes processes and ensures that every financial success is achieved with a keen eye on environmental responsibility. 

The balance between profitability and CSR is not a compromise at InstaBuilt. It is a strategic choice that positions the company as a leader in responsible construction. The company actively engages in community initiatives, supports local economies, and prioritizes fair labor practices. This holistic approach ensures that every profit InstaBuilt generates contributes positively to the communities it serves, fostering a sustainable ecosystem beyond the construction site. 

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