Introducing Our Latest Project: The Multistory, Double House at Am Wildfrauhaus, Germany

We're thrilled to introduce our latest endeavor, a pioneering marvel in modern architecture nestled in the serene locale of Gedern, Germany. Welcome to the Multistory Double House project at Am Wildfrauhaus, 63688 Gedern—a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and redefining contemporary living.

Our venture into creating the Multistory Double House began with a vision to revolutionize not just the structures but the very essence of how homes are conceived, designed, and built. Our goal wasn't just to erect buildings but to craft spaces that embody harmony, functionality, individuality, and most importantly, embrace the values of eco-conscious living.

What truly distinguishes this project is our pioneering use of panel technology, aligning with the rigorous standards of the KfW 40 energy efficiency standard. Through tireless research and dedication, we've harnessed the power of advanced construction methods. The cutting-edge panels employed in this project expedite the building process while upholding impeccable standards of insulation and energy efficiency, meeting the stringent criteria for sustainable housing.

The Double House isn't merely a residence; it's a harmonious fusion of two distinct living spaces seamlessly integrated into a singular architectural masterpiece. Each home possesses its own unique identity while being interconnected, fostering a sense of community and privacy in equal measure. Living in a home built to the highest standards of efficiency doesn’t just offer superior comfort—it presents clear benefits that you can see and feel. The Multistory Double House project is designed to significantly reduce energy bills and promote sustainable living practices. By using innovative construction techniques and top-of-the-line materials, these homes enable residents to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle without compromising on quality or comfort.

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High Quality

Quality of living lies at the heart of this project. Not only do these homes follow strict energy efficiency standards, but they're also designed to optimize comfort, ensuring a high standard of living for residents. From ergonomic designs to sustainable materials, every element is carefully curated to elevate the living experience.

Beyond the architectural prowess, our choice of location in Gedern was deliberate. It offers the best of both worlds—a serene retreat amidst nature's embrace with convenient access to urban amenities, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for our residents.

At Instabuilt, we don't just construct buildings; we craft experiences. The Multistory Double House project in Gedern embodies our ethos of sustainability, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of modern living. This project isn't merely a project; it's a testament to our dedication to pushing boundaries, redefining norms, and creating spaces that resonate with the essence of contemporary life.

We invite you to witness firsthand the culmination of our passion and expertise at the Double House in Gedern, Germany—a testament to the future of architectural innovation and sustainable living.

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