The importance of Modular Houses for Environment

Earth is facing the greatest challenge of the century! Global warming has begun to radically alter the life of all living species on earth while the extremely high residential carbon footprint is not helping reverse the process. Carbon dioxide, which is normally absorbed by the trees, which is then released into oxygen, has never been as high as today since it started with the Industrial Revolution.

Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, elevating sea levels, extreme natural events, all of this is due to global warming, which is being triggered by the careless actions of the human factor. On the other hand, the world population after 2010 was 7 billion and is expected to count 9 billion by 2045. But what is really behind this data and why do they matter for the future of existence on earth? It is a well-known fact that the most common construction materials in the 21st century were iron and concrete, unlike previous centuries when clay and wood were predominantly used. Rising demands for housing due to the constantly increasing world population, skyscraper constructions across the globe, will only increase demand for iron and concrete production. There are hundreds of thousands of companies, in the world today, that produce these two materials. But very few people think about risks related to the continued or even increased use of these materials, which according to the World Meteorological Organization have reached record levels of gas emissions with Iron accounting for 3% and Concrete for 5% of global emission rates.

In this regard let’s talk about the importance of modular constructions -WE are an environmentally minded construction company seeking to play our role in the global goal of reducing emissions and residential carbon footprints. And it is easier than you think. We can address the increased demand for homes, in a substantially less among of time compared to conventional structures, reducing the adverse environmental effects of the construction site itself and by reducing the risk of pollution. Modular prefab homes or the homes of the future of construction and living are built inside factories and with natural materials. Given that wood absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, then our modular houses are expected to reduce the global warming rate by over 50%.

According to research, it turns out that 1 cubic meter of wood is enough to save 1 ton of carbon dioxide. Wood, which is our main building material, will contain carbon dioxide for hundreds of years. Moreover, our modular houses are eco-friendly, meaning that everything inside the factory is recyclable, enabling thus direct protection of the surrounding environment. And still, the quality insulation we use, which is so important for energy efficiency, enables the modular wooden paneled house to be warm in winter and fresh in summer.

Our modular prefab paneled homes and above all the coolest of choices.

By thinking about long-term environmental sustainability as well as eco-friendly benefits, modular building construction sites are the coolest choice for the future.