The future is now

Imagine yourself buying a car now, that will serve you for the next 10 years and it’s not electric. It’s like driving in reverse, right? We consider net-zero energy homes and net-zero energy buildings the future of living. In our biggest prefab factory in Europe, we have the technology to build and export our net-zero energy homes worldwide instantly, otherwise, we wouldn’t call ourselves InstaBuilt.

Currently, buying electricity is slightly more expensive, but still many people decide to buy them, exactly because of their contribution to the global warming and climate change agenda, and because of our duty to take care of the environment, we live in. After all, everything begins with nature and ends with it.  Well, buying a net-zero energy home, may even have a lower cost than a normal home; in fact, a net-zero energy home comes without additional and hidden costs but with many hidden and additional benefits. Modular prefab homes are fantastic news for any interested homebuyers. Our childhood memories are usually within the walls of our childhood lovely homes. Imagine being able to bring these walls wherever you live, having your beloved home with you wherever you work, being surrounded continuously by the best part of your life!

This is possible with InstaBuilt because, our products are: modular, smarter, greener, and faster and they are more mobile.

Above all, the prefab modular houses that we build are not only affordable, but they also save if not make money for you. They are Flying Homes making it all possible for you to instantly turn your investment into profit.

There is more. You can choose the “Plus Energy Homes” concept, which uses the best materials, best heating, and cooling solutions, and the most suitable thermal and hydro insulation, saving thus even more money in the long run and forgetting the looks of high energy bills and due to its health benefits even prolonging your life.

You can even accumulate electric or heating energy, share it with the community, or even sell it, generating profit from your own home.

Before we sell a home, we make sure our clients fully grasp the benefits of solutions we provide, that by buying our produced modular homes they make an important longer-term contribution to saving the planet for their children and upcoming generations in the long term, and getting a return on their investment in the short term. Before we sell a home, we make sure our buyer understands:

Why is sustainable design important?

Usually, the traditional brick buildings use up to 40% of primary energy and up to 70% of electricity, reducing thus scarce energy sources, increasing expenses, and polluting the environment. Therefore, we are in the business of building affordable homes and enabling the creation of affordable communities, for people that want to use, share, and save on our scarce energy resources and yet have always sufficient energy in their homes. Our hard-working architects work daily to create a diverse variety of eco-system compatible eco-home choices, using the best international practices to create zero energy prefab modular homes. Our architects are carefully and meticulously making sure that the home design and wall, roof, and window insulation allows for maximal use and reuse of sunlight and natural energies for both heating cooling making your home heaven in terms of temperature in every season.