Modular Homes – 5 Reasons Why

Millions of people, right now and just like you, are looking for their perfect dream home. With so many types and styles of houses to choose from, you may be wondering where to start your search and why are modular homes so popular nowadays, and why is that the case specifically among first-time homebuyers?

Here are some 5 reasons why a modular home is the best home for you:

  1. Healthy Homes/Homes that Breathe/Eco-Friendly Homes:  Would you want your family to live in buildings that use PVC cement, refrigeration units, and plywood varieties that contain volatile organic compounds and release chemicals into the air, having thus harmful effects on your health? Well, we know the answer to that. That is why we offer the better alternative: Built with safe and non-toxic internationally certified materials, modular homes minimize the accumulation of indoor air pollutants, humidity, and allergens. Modular homes are built using a combination of wood materials, which is a natural material that absorbs the carbon from the air, preserves the earth’s resources, and prolongs life on the planet. Natural qualities of wood include natural air exchange and vapor permeability, and that is why we say that modular homes ‘’breathe’’. This ability of wood allows harmful gasses to leak outside.
  2. Endless Designs:  Our top architects and engineers go the extra mile to consider all options, elements, and perspectives for your project. While we standardize the exterior, we personalize the interior. Our custom-designed solutions by top architects provide you with a variety of styles and a range of options that you can choose from. You can also modify or upgrade your general construction specifications, design your own floor plans, pick the style of the windows, choose the color, carpets, and bath fixtures, with the possibilities being endless. Modular homes, especially our solutions, are much easier to adapt and change at an early stage surpassing thus the design and quality in comparison to traditional homes.
  3. Energy & Water Saving/ Waste Reduction:  Modular homes produce and accumulate their own energy, reducing, therefore, the energy consumption by up to 72%. Modular homes use low-energy lighting, furnishings made of cost-effective composite panels that improve the insulation, and you also have the option of choosing double-glazed windows and doors. Solar-based water heating systems reduce the energy requirement for water heating, by providing up to 90% of the hot water you need. These homes are typically designed to reduce the loss of water heat from pipes by grouping areas that need water such as the bathroom and kitchen. This type of design means we can use shorter water pipes and reduce heat loss. Modular homes are built in the factory according to specific measurements, materials are not excessive, producing thus less to no waste at all. Prefabrication of frames and other parts reduces the amount of waste by up to 52%. Considering that renovation and construction waste accounts for about 40% of landfills, choosing modular houses is also choosing to contribute to maintaining a clean and ecological environment. So how about a noticeably less costly energy bill and even better acoustics inside the house? How about a solar system that provides most of your hot water? And how do you and your family feel about your own home sweet home not producing any construction waste?
  4. Reliable Structure/Fire & Earthquake Resistance:  Modular homes have internationally recognized certificates of performance – CE / ETA – and are built with many well-known brand materials. By using them we can give you a home, designed by our very professional architects, constructed in our factory, which can only be matched by the finest of engineers. They resist snow, wind, hurricanes, and extreme frost. Due to its thermal conductivity in cases when wood catches fire on one side the other side will even not heat up. A home that does not produce toxic fumes when burning, therefore allowing plenty of time for residents to leave. On the other hand, modular homes, due to the wood flexibility provide for incredible seismic stability.
  5. Lifetime & Good Investment: Prefab modular homes, if properly maintained, can last longer than brick structure homes. They last for decades. Modular homes appraise the same as their on-site built counterparts do; they do not depreciate. Modular homes are built faster than 100% of other site-built homes. Home loans for modular homes are the same as site-built homes.