Gypsum Board


High performance, multi-purpose building board combines the properties of solid blockwork with the speed and flexibility of drywall, allowing designers and specifiers to use radical solutions in internal space planning.

A single layer board can replace the need for multiple board types and layers and is made by combining recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibers from post-consumer waste paper and recycled water to form a homogenous mass, which is then formed into a dense sheet material and after curing, cut to board size. The process itself is fully recyclable – all by-products are fed back into the system, ensuring no waste is produced. Both the product and the process have been awarded the coveted Rosenheim Institute of Construction Biology and Ecology certificate.

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- Ultimate design flexibility

- Performs better than plasterboard

- Strong & firm

- Quick & easy to install

- An environmentally friendly solution

- Universal applications

- High stability

- Healthy living