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Instabuilt prefabricated houses take your living standards a step further with their quality structures and the comfort offering you affordable, durable, environmentally friendly prefabricated houses. Our Model Uma has an area of 123.95 gross square meters.

All of our houses can be equipped with an insulation system suitable for 4 seasons, can be produced in accordance with all climatic conditions. All isolations and installations are made by experts in the field and delivered to you in a shorter time compared to reinforced concrete houses and you can use it safely for many years with its solid structure.

You don’t have to wait months and spend tons of budget for a proper and useful house. It can be installed anywhere in the world without any problem. Instabuilt offers you affordable, durable, environmentally friendly prefabricated houses. Our future of housing comes in all shapes and sizes, some of them featuring cutting-edge design. They have become increasingly fashionable as an environmentally friendly solution especially by the materials they are built, where for our homes you can find here the different building elements that we use.

Exterior & Interior

We offer living houses, where you can shape the interior and exterior design according to your delight, which is delivered to you in a very short time with their short and safe installations. You will not want to give up the comfort that is offered while your eyes are mesmerizing with the design of your house that shines like a pearl. An ideal choice for city people who are tired of being stuck home. The single-story prefabricated house has a large and useful veranda where you can enjoy your garden in summer with your loved ones. Experience quality and comfort together.

Instabuilt delivers your home on a turnkey basis with floor and wall coverings that you can choose according to your wish. Offering a comfortable and useful living space with an area of 123.95 gross square meters, this prefabricated house consists of a large living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. We offer 3 types of versions for Uma living houses with the same square meters but different plans in the interior.

House Plan


Uma has a total area of 104.32 square meters net and 123.95 square meters gross.

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