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InstaBuilt Steel Bathpod

Why Instabuilt Bath Pods?

Instabuilt provides the solution with modular bathroom pods. Bathroom pods contribute to a cleaner and safer work environment, they are industrially prefabricated, self-supporting sanitary room units that consist of walls, ceilings, and floors. Choosing to use bathroom pods helps you to reduce labor, materials, waste, costs, and quality in the planning and construction process.

With our product line, a modern construction technique, high-quality materials, and a sophisticated system, Instabuilt can offer to the client the opportunity of choosing the frames where we have: CLT, timber frame, HYBRID (timber frame + CLT) and steel frame. We offer also three different sizes that fit your requests, starting from standardized size S, M, and L and individual or modified type.

Thanks to our specialized CNC machinery we allow the bath system to increase production capacity while maintaining a high standard of quality. Our prefabricated bathrooms can be realized in every category – from luxury bathrooms to simple, small-room solution.

Advantages of our Bath Pods

1. Lower Costs: Choosing prefabricated pods means a significant reduction of costs associated with labor, material waste, and removal of a site supervisor and defect rectification.

2. Time-Saving: Using Off-site modular bathrooms ensures even 80% shorter production process than building in traditional technology

3. Higher Quality: Specialized manufacturing results in superior bathrooms that are consistent across the project. Our patented structural design and all pods are fully tested and signed-off before they leave our factory.

4. Faster Delivery: Finishing bathrooms to completion off-site whilst on-site construction works progress can cut project programmed by up to 30%.

5. Sustainable and Safe: Instabuilt offers better sustainability characteristics over traditional construction due to reduced material requirements and wastage, reduction in transport energy, and increased material recyclability.

6. Rationalized Design: Clients are able to engage with the design and engineering team to incorporate their own unique requirements or select from preexisting, validated design typologies.

Steel Frame Material

Instabuilt Steel Frame bathroom pods offer a unique way to achieve traditional build quality and freedom of design. The walls and ceilings are constructed of C97 /50 /1.5 mm structural steel profiled panels, incorporating thermal and acoustic insulation, and gypsum panels to meet the specific project requirements. Steel profiles are custom-made by our CNC forming machine. The covering panels are fabricated with high-performance materials such as drywall or gypsum fiber. The base, walls, and ceiling are then fixed together using steel self-tapping screws.