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Our modular houses are designed to make life easier and better for you. Instabuilt comfortable, fully secure, and durable modular homes are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to create your own affordable living space. Your home is designed and produced by Instabuilt expert teams according to your wishes and installation is provided anywhere you want with those expert teams.

The Rona model is a two-floor house with a total surface of 143.28 gross square meters. Our future of housing comes in all shapes and sizes, some of them featuring cutting-edge design. They have become increasingly fashionable as an environmentally friendly solution especially by the materials they are built, where for our homes you can find here the different building elements that we use.

Exterior & Interior

This prefabricated house has been designed for you by Instabuilt. With our modern architecture and modular structures, we provide quality and fast delivery. The purposive structure that you can use with your extended family and loved ones is also fascinating with its stylish design. With its modular structure, production is completed in a very short time and it can be installed quickly wherever you want. The Rona house with two floors gives you the extra space you need.

This Model consists of two floors where each floor has 71.64 square meters surface. On the first floor with our architectural design, you will find a kitchen a WC, and a living room equipped with large windows that give you access to the terrace. The stairs take you to the living up the floor where you will find three bedrooms a hall with a relaxing sofa and a large bathroom with a shower. We offer 3 types of versions for Rona living houses with the same square meters but different plans in the interior.

House Plan

Rona has a total area of 117.04 square meters net and 143.28 square meters gross. Even though the exterior is the same you can choose a different interior depending on your style and taste. Below we have shown six different interior plans.

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