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From starter home to dream home, from beach cottage to mountain retreat, Instabuilt gives you the choice to make it one of your dream. Everyone wishes for a welcoming home which is ideal for all-season living with energy-efficient, made from durable materials.

Vacation House “Rina” is the smallest of all other vacation houses we have designed in our offer. It has approximately 20.8 square meters of gross space (it depends on the thickness of the walls that we will use).  The length of the house is 4 meters and a width of 5.2 meters. It contains a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. As it is the smallest one the living room space can be modified and converted into a bedroom when needed. All the spaces of the house are designed to give the residents a sense of comfort.

Our future of housing comes in all shapes and sizes, some of them featuring cutting-edge design. They have become increasingly fashionable as an environmentally friendly solution especially by the materials they are built, where for our homes you can find here the different building elements that we use.

Exterior & Interior

Instabuilt is focused on modern architecture. The elements used to build these homes are harmonious elegant and with the best quality. Panoramic doors and large windows make you enjoy the natural light inside the house where the reinforced wooden structure is a guarantee for peace of mind and placement even in challenging locations, regardless of weather conditions.

Our design expertise is to create the perfect space for your guests. We can do it all-from hand-selecting the right decor for your space, to picking fabrics that can endure numerous washes, to tracking down furniture that will remain intact for years to come and fully customized units with high specifications. You can choose to be as involved as you’d like in each selection, and our team will outfit your entire home. Together we’ll craft an interior that will impress your future guests and start your investment off right.


All season

We designed a product that’s perfectly constructed with high levels of insulation. These solutions of villas can stand anywhere in the continent, whatever the season and weather conditions. Our villas are manufactured as all-season residences such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

House Plan

Rina has a total area of 20.8 square meters gross.