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This vacation house emphasizes the North European style with Danish flavor. This environment-friendly solution constructed with timber materials and large windows will make you feel like you are part of the outdoors even when you are inside. Whoever passes by will stop to enjoy the view of its beautifully designed façade.

Danish house has a total surface of 69.42 gross square meters. Our future of housing comes in all shapes and sizes, some of them featuring cutting-edge design. They have become increasingly fashionable as an environmentally friendly solution especially by the materials they are built, where for our homes you can find here the different building elements that we use.

Exterior & Interior

Danish has a very good design with its beautiful wall solution of timber material, it is all surrounded by large windows where in the summer you can enjoy a coffee on veranda while in the winter you can enjoy watching the snow directly from the sofa. Large windows can help you feel like you are part of the outdoors even when you’re inside.

Large living space and separate multi-function room, creates an optimal dwelling for people with kids, hobbies pets, and other space craving activities. Danish’s living room can be a private or social space, depending on your mood. This type of house has one large living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen. The minimal furnishings give the residents the freedom and the ability to create personal favorite places of retreat.

House Plan

Danish has a total area of 69.42 square meters gross. The total surface including also terrace is 100.81 gross square meters.