Row – Garage

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Instabuilt offers Modular Garages at a very high-quality construction as a solution to your storage needs.

We build Single, Double, and Row garages. Each style offers tons of options for customizing, upgrading, modification, and expansion. Instabuilt garages are made from timber material and have a design of a flat roof garage. All garages include installation by an expert team of builders. A concrete base needs to be prepared by you prior to delivery or we can prepare the full set of garages including the base also. We customize and build our garages to your wishes so that you can build a garage of the right size and with a personal style. It all depends on what you choose for the garage door, windows, garage interior, and panel.

Row Line

Instabuilt Row Garages are based on our cost-effective and quick-mount row garage solution. The flat roof gives a more classic impression. Our modular garages can be built on any flat surface where you can customize any style or model to fit the length you need!

Row Garages described above come with a total surface of 99.71 square meters/1073.28 square feet gross.