Insta Cube

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“1 unit, 2 cubes, ready in 3 Hours!”

Future home is our legacy that we will leave for the planet. Choose your exterior design with stunning different skin colors and materials and enhance your future. This product is fully prefabricated and then delivered in full condition, you just have to pick a place and it’s ready to live in within hours.

House Plan

This small house plan utilizes the cubic form to maximize interior space, offering you one of the most efficient ways to build. For more information about Insta Cubes please follow

Living Space
61.8 m2

Terrace (optional)
15.4 m2

Green and eco-building

Beautiful CUBE with the highest finished quality, great energy efficiency, and eco-materials installed. InstaBuilt CUBE needs no foundation to stand, and can be ready to move in within 3 hours after it reaches the site.

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