AD Multifamily 1

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Aster Domo Multifamily Solution is Instabuilt technology, turn-key house, that can be built as 1 house in 3 stories, built out of 6 cubes, assembled in 9 hours in any European country. Multifamily Solutions can be configured in three different facades. Aster Domo Multifamily Brochure 

House Plan

A three-story house plan can be a great solution for a multifamily home. This type of plan typically includes three levels of living space, with each level providing room for one or more separate units.


Building Standards


Eco Volumetric Customizable


The ideal home that you can order according to your wants and needs, and start living in it as soon as it is delivered. It is made with Instabuilt technology 1 house in 3 stories, built out of 6 cubes, ready in 9 hours. For more info please visit