AD Flexy – 2BD

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“1 unit, 2 cubes, ready in 3 Hours!”

Have you thought of having a house in your yard in just 3 hours? This is possible with our volumetric solution Aster Domo. This house is built with the freestanding concept and does not cause damage to the environment where it is built. It is 100% eco-bio green, with certified materials, and also with the KFW40 energy coefficient.

It is fully customizable as you prefer. From layouts to materials, each module can be designed to work for you. All of this takes only 90 days from the order day.

This flying home is easily transported anywhere in the world, as it is made of one unit built by joining two cubes only in 3 hours.

House Plan

This small house plan utilizes the cubic form to maximize interior space, offering you one of the most efficient ways to build.
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Building Standards

Eco Volumetric Customizable

The ideal home that you can order according to your wants and needs, and start living in it as soon as it is delivered. It is made with Instabuilt technology 1 unit, 2 pieces, ready in 3 hours. For more info please visit