Instabuilt was founded upon a grand purpose – to address the global housing challenge while at the same time reversing global warming. We believe that this is possible by utilizing offsite construction and the way of building efficiently and sustainably. Our responsibility for the environment is of priority, and this is one of the core parts of our vision as one family, one company, and one planet. Instabuilt L.L.C  is the largest single-floor factory dedicated to modular construction. We have two factories InstaBuilt Europe and InstaBuilt North America. We are set to create a positive impact on manufacturing efficiency by setting new trends in the industry through innovation and integration with robotics, AI, advanced technology, and standardized product lines.

From small to large projects our goal is to improve the quality of living by creating well-designed spaces that create a connection and interaction with nature and humans.

We are looking for a new brand name for one of our solutions, and have opened up this public competition for product naming so we can involve others to be part of our journey. Therefore to participate in this competition please submit your proposals by understanding the following concept and conditions:


  1. Conditions

The purposed name should have following characteristics:

– It should be unique / distinctive

– It should be extendable

– It should be easy to pronounce, identified and memorized. (For instance-StellaDomo)

– It should give an idea about product’s qualities and benefits (For instance- see features below)

  • Eco, bio, and green products with sustainability in mind
  • Transportable everywhere in the world and constructed in a modular way
  • Fast assembly process since speed and quality is one of our core values
  • You can move in, on the same day it arrives
  • It can be configured differently with different looks (facades) or it can be upgraded
  • It is carbon-free and is environmentally friendly (no damage to the environment) on the opposite since 90% of the product is recyclable, renewable, or reusable.
  •  We can build communities with these products worldwide

– It should be easily convertible into foreign languages.

– It should be capable of legal protection and registration.

– It should indicate concrete qualities

– It should not portray bad/wrong meanings in other categories. (For instance NOVA is a poor name for a car to be sold in Spanish country, because in Spanish it means “doesn’t go”).


  1. Compensation Reward
  • Selected proposals will be rewarded with the amount of 1000 EUR
  • Selected individuals potentially could be offered future employment


  1. Deadline for submissions of proposals

Proposals can be submitted electronically at

Each competitor must provide his / her details, Name, Surname, Residence Address, Profession, Current employment, or study position (if applicable). If you send your CV this is also welcomed but not mandatory. Also include contact no. contact telephone and contact e-mail address. You are asked to describe also the one page of A4 one name definition and what is the concept behind it.

The top best applicants will also be considered for future employment and registered into our database for any future possible open positions in the future related to marketing, branding, and PR.

The last date for receipt of proposals is the 15th of May 2022, at 17:00. Incomplete and late submitted proposals will not be considered. All information about the company can be found on the official website

Therefore, as a summary, you should send:

  1. Your contact details and information (CV optional)
  2. One A4 product/brand name (max 3 options) with concept/argument behind it: here is a sample Brand naming example, the design is optional, you should referee more to the explanation of the name.
  3. The naming and submission should be written in English (since it is a global brand)

If the above-mentioned items are not respected (all of them, not just one) the candidate’s proposal will be automatically eliminated.