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The future is now

  • Imagine yourself buying a car now, that will serve you for the next 10 years and it’s not electric. It’s like driving in reverse, right? We consider net-zero energy homes and net-zero energy buildings in the future of living. In our biggest pre-fab factory in Europe, we have the technology to build and export instantly our net-zero energy homes worldwide, otherwise, we wouldn’t call ourselves InstaBuilt.

    Currently, buying an electric car might be more expensive, but still many people will decide to buy it due to its benefits and the global issue of climate change and the need to take care of the environment. After all, everything begins with nature and ends with it.  On the other hand, buying a net-zero energy home might have the same cost as a normal home; in fact, sometimes you can buy a net-zero energy home without current additional cost while getting many future benefits. This is actually fantastic news for any interested homebuyer. We do all remember our childhood within the walls of our lovely home. Imagine seeing these walls wherever you live, to have your beloved home wherever you work, and to be surrounded by the best part of your life!

    This is possible with InstaBuilt because, our products are: greener, smarter, and faster. They are standardized, modular, and digital connected communities.

    Above all, our products are not just affordable but they make money for their owners. They are Flying Homes. This is all possible and starts with the idea to turn your Investment into Profit.

    Building homes under the concept of “Plus Energy Homes” means using the best materials, choosing the best heating and cooling solutions, and applying suitable thermal and hydro insulation.

    When you build your home with us, you will be able to save more money and to avoid high bills.

    When you live in this house, you will live longer.

    Your accumulated electric energy or heating energy can be shared within communities and thus who has accumulated more than it’s needed can sell to community and profit from their own home.

    Before we sell a home, we make sure our clients enjoy the present and pay for the value of the future, contribute to saving the environment for their children and the next coming generations. In the meantime, they are conscious they will get a return on their investment. Before we sell a home, we make sure to answer questions such as:

    Why is sustainable design important?

    Usually, buildings use 40% of primary energy and use 70% of electricity, which is a huge amount of energy, which increases expenses and it pollutes the environment. In this aspect, we are focusing our energy to build affordable homes and affordable communities for people that will use or share the energy in their homes. Our hard-working architects work on a daily basis to create a better eco-home system by using the best international practices to create zero energy homes.

    Our idea is to generate the energy we need on-site, use it on-site, and share it or save it for different periods of the year. Therefore, we are really careful when designing a home to make sure to use the sun to make the house efficient and by choosing the exterior design, by having good insulation of the walls, roofs, and windows so we can use that energy for our heating and cooling needs.