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Modular Homes – 5 Reasons Why

  • Tons of people just like you are looking for their perfect dream home. With so many types and styles of houses to choose from, you may be wondering where to start your search. Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially for first time home buyers who want to make a smart purchase. Here are some 5 reasons you may find that a modular home is the best option for you!

    1. Energy-saving: Modular homes can be modified to produce and accumulate their own energy as needed and thus can reduce energy consumption by up to 72%. Imagine what your energy bill would look like at a lesser cost! All this is possible thanks to solar panels that reduce the need for power from regular grids, as well as batteries that accumulate excess energy, which can be used as needed or even sold. Modular homes usually use low-energy lighting such as LED that is more efficient and sustainable. Homeowners can install furnishings made of cost-effective composite panels that can improve the insulation of a home significantly or add double glazed windows and doors. Not only do they reduce power consumption, but they also improve the acoustics inside the house and reduce the noise level.
    2. Waste Reduction: Modular homes are built in the factory according to specific measurements, materials are not excessive, and waste is not collected; prefabrication of frames and other parts reduces the amount of waste by up to 52%. Given the fact that renovation and construction waste accounts for about 40% of landfills, we can say that modular houses contribute to maintaining a clean and ecological environment.
    3. Water efficiency: Is another reason why self-sufficient modular homes are eco-friendly. Solar-based water heating systems reduce a household’s energy requirement for water heating by providing up to 90% of hot water. These homes are typically designed to reduce the loss of water heat from pipes by grouping areas that need water such as the bathroom and kitchen. This type of design means we can use shorter water pipes and reduce heat loss.
    4. Healthier homes: Modular homes are often held to higher sustainable standards than traditional homes; there is a focus on clean and green energy and the use of non-toxic materials. (Some traditional building and cleaning materials such as PVC cement, refrigeration units, and some plywood varieties contain volatile organic compounds that release chemicals into the air and are thought to have harmful health effects).
    5. Durable materials: Modular homes use certified lumber and recycled materials for their interior panels. High-quality insulation is essential for energy efficiency – good quality insulation should keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which means you need to spend less energy on heating and cooling. The use of eco-friendly materials in the home, such as structural insulation panel system for insulation makes the modular home such a contribution to the ecological environment.

    The difference between modular and traditional homes is that modular homes are inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process, which is strict and systematic, while traditional homes, being built on an open environment and variable climatic conditions, can be hard to track the material safety and the construction process.

    Although these 5 reasons are important, still there are many more that could be highlighted but at least these five reasons are something you should remember.