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Building Future and Healthy Homes

  • There are two reasons why you should build a modular home – Future Home. Modular construction promotes healthy living by protecting your physical and emotional well-being. It also reduces your home’s energy costs. On a global level, high-performance construction supports a healthy environment by conserving the earth’s resources. It also safeguards our planet’s life support systems.

    The buildings we live in affect our health, mood, and productivity, and unfortunately, the most common building materials can be very unhealthy.

    Thanks to our innovative offsite systems, we can create high-quality modular building systems that lend themselves well to care for homes and for other healthcare purposes.

    Our modular homes focus on using materials and designs which will provide a warm, dry, and extremely livable home. We aim to produce houses that come as close to the “passive home” standard as possible, which means taking full advantage of natural heating and cooling through clever design and premium materials.

    Since materials on construction sites are subjected to rain and snow, they can get covered in nasty environmental toxins like mold, mildew, and rust. Though materials can still get affected by these toxins indoors, they are less likely to get affected.

    How exactly are made to be as healthy as possible?

    Future Instabuilt homes are built with products that are safe and nontoxic. They incorporate green features that minimize the build-up of indoor air pollutants, humidity, and allergens. These characteristics are important to your family’s health since airborne toxic pollutants are five times higher inside houses than outdoors.

    There are also many other ways to a healthy environment by using: low-VOC paints, non-toxic glues and stains, above-code insulation made from recycled plastic bottles, and thermal mass flooring areas to name a few. Not only does this mean a great environment for the home’s inhabitants, but many of the measures—particularly those intended to regulate temperatures—reduce running costs, meaning a much lower power bill.

    Living longer is important, but those years need to be healthy ones.